This European Researchers’ Night project is funded by the European Commission under HORIZON 2020 in the framework of Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, under grant No 722750

Friday 25.09
18.00 - 22.45
Madly Emotional Alatskivi
Alatskivi Castle invites to the clay and textile workshops and disc golf, looduskeskus viib mat...
Alatskivi Castle invites to the clay and textile workshops and disc golf, looduskeskus viib matkaradu tallama, Liivi Muuseum võtab käsile hullumeelsuse ja selle ravi läbi aegade ning sepikojas voolavad eeterlikud õlid.

Participation in workshops on pre-register only! Book a place on

Alatskivi Castle - health through action! (at 20.15)

  • Textile Workshop
  • Emotions in Clay - Workshop 
Release your emotions, shape them in clay! It doesn't matter if it's anger, joy, excitement or something else - your emotions are in your own hands and the final result may surprise you! You can pick up your clay figure 2 weeks later.

  • A guided tour in the castle, uncovering the sides of the castle life that are usually not mentioned (family secrets, stories from the back rooms, legends)

Lectures on medicine in the old days, different treatments and medicaments of the people in Alatskivi and surrounding areas. Three separate lectures focusing on the medicine of peasants, Russian Old Believers and the aristocrats.

A disc golf trail is open in the castle park! You can rent the discs and get a brief training/explanation of the rules (15 min)

Alatskivi Nature Centre (at 20.15)

If the weather is fine, we'll go on a hiking trail, where the guide talks about the legends of the area. If the weather isn't so nice, we'll stay in Alatskivi Nature Centre and play fun games!

J. Liiv Museum (from 18.45 to 20.00)

We'll talk about madness and its treatment through the ages (Juhan Liiv, a famous Estonian poet, suffered from schizophrenia himself). A guided tour in the museum.

Sepikoja Guesthouse (at 20.15)

Herbs, ethereal oils and their uses. You, too, can try the luxuriously scented oils - that also work really well!

A free special bus drives on the route Tartu-Alatskivi-Tartu! Book a seat:

(The bus departs from Tartu, in front of Science Centre AHHAA at 18, takes the passengers to J. Liiv Museum by 18.45 and then to Alatskivi Castle by 20.15. Return journey to Tartusse starts at 22.45)

Another free bus drives on the route Pala-Alatskivi-Pala. Book a seat:

(The bus departs from Pala Bus Station at 18.30 and takes the passengers to J. Liiv Museum; At 20.00, the bus departs from the museum to the parking lot of Alatskivi Castle. At 23.00, the bus drives back to Pala.

18.00 - 22.45
Alatskivi Castle, Lossi 1, Alatskivi / J. Liiv Museum, Rupsi küla / Alatskivi Nature Centre, Alatskivi / Sepikoja Guesthouse, Hirveaia 2, Alatskivi